NEW STYLE HUSTLE DANCE CLASS - Developed in NYC, New Style Hustle is a unique twist to the classic hustle dance done with disco music from the 70s. Taught by Scotty and GG, the workshop will stay true to its fun and high energy style but bring the aspect of connection to oneself as well as others through interaction and partner dancing. Participants will learn to exchange energies with each other through a harmonious sequence of freestyle and flow.

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YOGA CLASS - I like to teach a Meditation Yin Yoga class. As an acupuncturist I go into details- physical, emotional, and energetic benefits, about the meridians (acupuncture channels) we are opening in each Yin Yoga Pose. I utilize breathe and visualization to navigate students into their anatomy and emotions finding the two merging and clearing out stagnation, pain, tension with breathe and mindfulness. While students are in postures I circulate around the class adding in hands on massage and acupressure to further deepen the visceral experience of the Yoga, Stretch, and Meridians. I also incorporate essential oils with my hands on touch to add In aromatherapy.

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IGNITE YOUR FULL POTENTIAL - Transformational breath-work, Booty shaking, and Shamanic vocal activations! From shamanic healing modalities from around the world to sacred twerking we will dive into cultivating abundance and pleasure within your sacred temple, your body. Through a variety of release techniques you will be guided to look at the stories you've created around why you're holding onto patterns that are no longer serving you so you can begin to let them go on a cellular level. We'll be focusing on the 3rd and 4th chakra, embodying worthiness and love throughout the exercises to create fulfilling sex, abundant wealth, and enriching and inspiring relationships.

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YOGA CLASS - Lis Viegas from San Diego is a yoga teacher and drummer who you can often find performing music at festivals. She decided to offer her Yoga teachings to this one! Lis has been teaching yoga classes since 2012 and enjoys guiding classes that are mindful and relaxing yet challenging and engaging at the same time.

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Vika S. Hernandez

SERPENT DANCE CLASS - The serpent, a symbol of wisdom and transformation, is found within many healing ancient knowledge systems around the world. As celestial bridge between earth and sky, the cosmic serpent is linked to the rainbow and at times depicted biting its own tail representing continuity, cosmic equinox cycles, and the interconnected nature of all life. Inspired by the dance of Oxumarê, an Afro-Brazilian divinity, this dance workshop weaves together serpent stories around the world to explore how the same biological rhythms that we can observe in nature exist within ourselves.

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COSMIC EXPANSION - Have you ever wanted to feel in complete graceful power, bliss, and oneness with all? Where you feel the magic of your timeless being and the connection you have with the material and energetic planes? Wondering how to merge the Cosmic with the physical plane and align your reality with the life, desires, and needs that you wish to receive? This is an invitation to become present with the resonance of your voice.

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HEADLESS YOGA & MEDITATION - Through the power of Yoga and meditation we will attempt to put our thinking brain on pause, instead concentrating on our breath and the energy moving through our bodies. By quieting our mental chatter, by ceasing to identify ourselves with our thoughts, or past or future, we become headless. With this vacancy of thought we allow the world in its fullness to rush in, to be experienced without compromise. 50 minute Vinyasa flow will allow us to dance with our breath as we move through strength building and energy opening poses, and a 10 minute meditation after to sit in the stillness that we create.

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YOGA CLASS - ReWild your Roots - A workshop to awaken and rewild your roots. What truly holds us up, nourishes and supports us is underground. But what if our roots are rotten? Inhabited by things unknown and unwanted? Embodied in a strong yoga flow and exploring the power of imagination, we will dive deep into what it means to be rooted within ourselves. When do you still hear a voice inside that says you can’t grow as tall, or bloom as fully?

Imagine what would it be like without! Bursting at the seams with joy. Tapping from infinite creativity - without an inner critic holding you back. Consider this an invitation to come home to yourself. Discover how you can begin to rewrite any story. Activate your root and sacral chakra as you weave your mind back into your body, move like your favorite sensual feline, and shake out your roots. Unleash your wild, ignite your fire, and rekindle the pure ecstasy of being!

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Paint Classes / Arts & Crafts

Spend time connecting with your creative side through our paint class workshops or arts and crafts workshops, both taught by Krystal Dyer. Krystal is an artist residing in San Diego California. She is well known for painting live with bands, teaching classes, and being a well versed artist and crafter. With a Bachelor's degree in Media Arts and Animation, Krystal has worked for well known companies such as Nickelodeon, Lockheed Martin, Think Up Toy Designs, The Rainforest Art Project, as well as several schools. Krystal is now a full time live artist and art instructor. Her friendly demeanor and laid back sense of humor aid in creating fun and relaxing classes for both children and adults!