Workshops & Interactive Experiences

We have not released 2023 experiences yet, but please take a look at what we did in 2022 so you know more about who and what to expect

2022 Workshops & Interactive Experiences

"We are all spiritual beings coping with a human awakening"

  • Blindfolded Yoga: Navigating Through The Dark  - Hannah Joy

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This class is an intimate exploration of the senses and will beckon each student deep into the darkness that lies within all of us. This playful yet safe and grounding experience is initiated by placing a blindfold over our eyes and anchoring directly into our breath. All of our senses will heighten as we slow down and begin to navigate our minds and bodies through the darkness. Using breath work, yoga, and dance as a capsule for vulnerability and self exploration you can expect to be brought to a space far beyond comparison and critique.

  • Human Connection With The Metaphysical - Maggie Wilson

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Led by best selling author of the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck with Union Square And Co & Liminal 11. 

Awaken your innate psychic abilities and build an emotional and mental framework to stop limiting beliefs that hold you back. Including an anxiety intensive and how to cope with trauma that comes up at a festival scene. 

A short but intensive metaphysical workshop for bonding, releasing, and holding space for your fellow heart space beings. Guests will learn how to channel energy to and from each other with simple reiki principles and channeling practices. Couples and best friends are encouraged to attend.

An inclusive space for all bodies. A trans and non binary safe space for healing and bodywork with each other.

  • Flow Arts: Embody The Power Within - Michael Ravenwood

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Countless scientific studies have now affirmed our ability to attain optimal states of health & wellness through techniques first developed in ancient cultures. While myriad, these systems all increase our capacity to use the mind-body connection​ AKA “The Power Within”. This workshop teaches practices such as Breathwork, Visualization, Meditation & Double Staff Flow to increase energy, cultivate focus & achieve harmony. 

Between the practices, the content features perspectives based on the correlations between wisdom traditions & modern science, giving students the opportunity to lead a life filled with gratitude & grace. Essentially, Flow Arts teaches how to access the infinite creative energy of life itself by connecting with our inner sense of inspiration, imagination & truth.

  • Introduction to Hula Hooping - Tyler Brindley

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Let’s pick up circles and spin together!

Learn the basics of hula hooping! Being a beginner is the first step for mastering any new skill! Have you always wondered about the magic of hula hooping? Learn fundamental tricks and combine the moves into a hoop dance flow. Hoops will be provided.

  • Ancient Alchemy & Quantum Access - Jesse Gawlik

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The human vessel as a whole being is spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. Each vessel is designed to live in complete oneness with all others. In this workshop we will unlock an ancient alchemy symbol called the Quincunx and walk-through activations that will assist us to visualize our wholeness and alchemize a higher vibration that connects us to oneness, the infinite creator. Archangel Metatron brings us this sacred geometry symbol that represents the structure of our ordered universe. Discover the platonic solids and universal truths that are encapsulated within Metatron’s Cube and activate your Merkaba light body through Quantum Access Meditation.

  • Compass Cards: Discover your Life Purpose through the Tarot - Sea Hollingsworth

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This interactive tarot class will teach you how to calculate the numerology of your personal tarot Birth Cards and your Card of the Year. You will learn the meanings of the different possible card combinations and how each combination applies to the collective Card of the Year. You will leave the class with a deeper understanding of your personality and your role in the greater themes currently affecting humanity, and will be able to calculate Birth Cards and Cards of the Year for your family and friends.

  • Cultivating Connection - Yvonne Chung

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Cultivating Connection in an Increasingly Disconnected World:

In today's hyper-productive, fast-paced society we are inundated with hundreds if not thousands of social interactions a day, most of which are surface-level and transactional leaving us starved for more meaningful, high-quality connections. But what is meaningful connection and what does the research say about why it is so important? How can we begin to cultivate more meaningful connection in our lives? Join me as I teach you about:

- The importance of high quality connections and the crucial role they play in creating a sense of well-being and meaning in life.

- Simple and effective tools for cultivating deeper, more meaningful connections and conversations in our culture, communities, (festivals) and day-to-day lives.

  • Breath Awakening Cacao and Breathwork - Jerred Locke Natalie Stryffeler

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Awaken to your Breath and experience it as the deep teacher that it is. Alongside the energetic and loving spirit of cacao we’ll embark on a journey to transcend normal states of consciousness and expand into the infinite possibility of the formless realms. Here, aligned with the vibration of love, we begin the process of liberating ourselves from the chains of patterns that no longer serve us. Using our breath we’ll open our hearts to new capacities and awaken to even deeper levels of our truth.

  • The Giving Tree Art Car

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Swing on it, climb on it, talk to it, learn from it. It's wise behind its ears.

  • Move & Groove Yoga - Karina Martinez hosted by AwareWolf SD

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In this fun, all levels Power Yoga class, Karina will guide you through strong sequences of traditional Sun salutations and standing postures linking breath with movement, building strength and endurance as you push the edge of your balance and flexibility. You can expect an uplifting practice with all the daytime disco vibes and upbeat, groovy music from DJ Tyler Chance. Hosted by Awarewolf SD.

  • Improv Playground: An Adult Guide to Semi-Structured Fun - Masha Ioffe

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An adventure into the unknown brilliant, creative, playful, and mysterious psyche. We will explore different aspects of ourselves in relation to others, and our environment through games and improv skill building exercises. With the help of our no judgement zone policy, you will have the option to step outside of your comfort zone and be pleasantly surprised by what you are capable of.  

  • Cones, Wraps, and Activating Your Intention - hosted by Hempire & taught by Maggie Wilson

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Join Hempire and special guest Maggie Wilson, author of the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck, as we break down the process of rolling up some Lucky Elk hemp and infusing it with your intentions.


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The But Stage started year one as a pop-up stage hidden amongst the trees where late night jams collided with festival-goers hearts. Each year The But Stage announces a new theme and this year we welcome The But Circus to SSBD. 

Expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed each day as our fearless ring-leaders guide you through day time fun and late-night shenanigans.

  • Heaven Meets Earth: A Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Experience - John Jay Verhagen

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A meditation, Breathwork and Yoga experience! The Buddhist understanding of Heaven and Earthly energy, and our role as humans in linking the two, will be our inspiration for this workshop. Through meditation, we will invoke the visualization and manifestation powers of Heavenly energy. Yoga will provide the opportunity to put forth the effort and work, representing the Earth energy, in order to actualize our Heavenly goals. We will finish with a Breathwork method to illuminate and heal past traumas that might be limiting our full potential, while helping to balance the Heavenly and Earth energies within.

  • AcroYoga 101 - Yann Artero

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AcroYoga 101 will teach you the foundational skills and poses to get started on your acro journey. No experience required! This workshop will be catered to individuals who are just starting or are completely new to AcroYoga. Come solo or bring your friends! No partner necessary.

  • Pathway to Flight - Ashira Shtauber

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Have you been yearning to get upside down on your hands but don’t know where to begin? Tried kicking up but can’t seem to find balance? This workshop is for you! 

Join me to learn handstand fundamentals including:




Take these home with you to support a long lasting journey to getting your handstand!

  • Ecstatic Kundalini - Todd Bendell & DJ ZenMoney

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Ecstatic Kundalini is an eccentric breath adventure that encourages everyone to explore their unique gifts as an individual. We pull techniques from training in kundalini, breathwork and dance to stimulate energy flow and liberate the nadis. The sequence will consist of meridian tapping for connection and pranayama to invigorate our vessel from the inside. To close, our group will drop in to the pranic heart kriya. Get ready to embody love through breath, movement, heart coherence and play!

  • Somatic Release Breathwork Experience - Regina Lawrence

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Every experience we have ever had becomes imprinted on us. We carry those experiences within us, and they can block us from living our fullest expression as a person.

Somatic Release Breathwork is a pattern of breathing that allows you to clear yourself, get rid of blockages, and get rid of suppressed emotions and stress that you are carrying in your body. Trauma and stress don’t just affect your mind. We know now that it has a profound impact on your body. 

  • Reiki Receiving Circle - Danielle McGhee

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A 60-minute meditation experience to ground, rejuvenate & uplift you. Hands-on Reiki will be offered alongside a channeled guided meditation. If you are certified in Reiki, please join us if you want to contribute to this beautiful experience.

  • Taoist Foreplay: Acupressure Points for Heart-Centered Massage - Dr. Jacintha "Jaz" Roemer

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Using concepts of acupressure points to stimulate each partner, This class is based on traditional Taoist sexual foreplay. Rest assured, it is a fully-clothed, simple massage protocol that is taught PG13, with the intention of creating a connection between partners. This gives couples a massage protocol to create a space of exploration, stimulation of acupressure points, and a heart-space connection to one another. This full-body shiatsu massage proceeds in 5 parts and stimulates 35 specific acupressure points. Lecture begins with anatomy of the giver, followed by a guided application of the acupressure points on the receiver for all 5 parts of the massage. Once complete, partners switch, and the protocol is repeated."

Bring your yoga mats and a pillow.

  • Embodied Soul Flow - Amber Rose

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Take an inward journey to build awareness of your mind, body, soul connection in this slow flow workshop. Embodied Soul Flow teaches you to slow down, tune in, and bring loving, nourishing awareness to each part of your body with slow, fluid movements and energy healing techniques. "I am" chakra focused mantras are added to repeat internally as you move through each section of your body, activating and drawing your shakti up your spine. As you unlock what is stuck within your physical and energetic body, you are then guided to expand into your soul and celebrate your unique expression however it is craving to move and be seen. You will leave this session feeling more expansive, energized, and liberated in your self expression. Your guide, Amber Rose, in an Embodied Empowerment and Reiki Master teacher passionate about connecting you to your soul purpose to shine your unique light into the world for the greater good of all. 

  • Vinyasa Yoga to Open You Up! - Lis Viegas

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Lis has been teaching Vinyasa yoga since 2011 and each SSBD festival since we started. This class is intended to stretch and open up all the muscles and body parts we use at a festival and floating on the lake. Lis will get you opened up and healed from the night before and ready for the night ahead! This class is all levels and accessible to all. Lis is also a drummer and loves sharing yoga at festivals she performs at.

  • A Hack to Happiness Yoga & Meditation - Danna Yunis

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60 minutes of meditation, sound bath, movement, and getting in touch with the physical and energetic bodies.

  • Vinyasa Yoga + Sound Healing - Doug Duchon

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Vinyasa focused on strengthening the body and mind, mixed restorative postures to drop you into a deeper place of stillness. Lots of twists for detoxing. Expect to be challenged, but with beautiful music and positive encouragement. This class is for all levels and includes a healing Sound Bath Meditation played on a rare handpan steel drums that the class can sing along with. 

Doug is known for soothing hands-on assists and captivating students with live percussion music for breathwork and blissful shavasanas . He has been teaching yoga since 2018 after leaving the aersopace industry. He has had a diversity of training including Yin, Restorative, Bhakti Vinyasa, Kirtan, and Asthanga Vinyasa modalities. He lived, taught, and studied yoga in Lake Atitlan Guatemala.

  • Silk Veil Fan Flow - Anja Ravenwood

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Veil fans are beautiful, colorful, and fun to dance with! Join me to learn veil fan techniques, belly dance movements and how to combine these to create a dance style which is both playful & sensual. Class will also include a yoga warm up, so please bring a yoga mat. I spent years as a shy young girl & performing arts helped me find myself & express my creativity. I'm excited to help women learn movement and feel empowered through dance & flow arts!

  • Sound Bath Alchemy - Patrick Gutman & Luke Lucas

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Join Sound Bath Alchemy as we take you on a sonic journey through our mind, body & soul. We will explore and clear our energy and emotional body as we enter into states of deep relaxation and balance. Using the soothing and nourishing tones from the singing bowls we create an environment that helps release tension and resistance that we might be holding onto. In doing so we can reconnect with our authentic self and our heart center. Our intention is that you leave feeling free and light, and in a state of peace, love, joy and clarity.

  • Frick Frack Blackjack

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No cash no limit barter blackjack.

  • Slow Flow & Sound Healing - Cortney Halstead

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This yoga class combines movement and stillness to balance, calm and rejuvenate! Join this Journey of intentional breath, purposeful steady movement (slow vinyasa flow) and relaxing sound bath utilizing the beautiful tones and vibrations of the Gong.

  • Swami Mosa Yoga - Brian Biros

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Join Swami Mosa as he takes yoga where it was never meant to go in this hilariously inappropriate yoga class, fueled by mimosas.

Swami Mosa Yoga—where the vinyasa flows like champagne. B.Y.O.B."

  • Moving Deep Yoga: Slow Primal Flow - Karissa Anderson

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MOVING DEEP is an ever-evolving primal movement practice that has been curated through gathering wisdom from a collective of teachers and masters worldwide. This non-traditional yogic practice invites you to listen to your own intuitive nature, explore sensuality, self-love, self-massage, and allow what feels good to the body to guide the experience.

  • Shamanic Sound Healing Journey - Laura Lopez Jonathan Lenahan

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Dr. J Star Hawk & Laura Bright Star will facilitate the shamanic sound healing journey which is focused on  energetically scanning the body & breaking up blockages within the chakras or specific parts of the body that need clearing & realignment. In this sacred space you will be guided in your shamanic journey to connect to your Spirit Animal & create your Healing Altar to receive healing & guidance from the Spirit world.  

  • Sunchaser SUP Yoga - Dana Mitchell

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We offer a unique experience out on the lake. A guide SUP yoga class lead by one of our instructors. It’s a great time for the community to join together during the festival. We had such a blast last and would love to be invited back.

  • Y.E.S. Yoga, Ecstatic Dance & Sound Meditation - Alex Ohm Homie

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A guided experience combining yoga flow, ecstatic dance and sound meditation. We invite you to dive into the present moment through movement, community and sound. Bring your yoga mats and join us in a judgment free zone. No experience needed.

  • AcroMassage: Cultivating Connection Through Intentional Touch - Tyler "TK" Kane

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The workshop will cover everything you need to get started with, or level up your current, acroyoga therapeutics practice. Key items to be covered are, communication best practices (verbal and non-verbal), consent conversations, three foundational acro-therapeutics poses (folded leaf, waterbed, high flying whale) as well as one dynamic entry to folded leaf. Once the group has a reasonable level of comfort in the three postures the focus of the class will move to incorporating dynamic elements into each of the skills offering deeper stretching and elevated intimacy. The education intention for each skill is listed below. 

Folded Leaf: Base uses upper body to facilitate twisting/stretching in the flyer's torso/upper body.  

High Flying Whale: Base uses feet to contribute motion to the system and understanding pressure concentration with feet. 

Waterbed: Brings together the upper and lower body movements for the base, also will work on integrating intentional rhythm into movements. 

After the class there will be some free time for open play until we need to vacate the space. 

TK has been practicing acro therapeutics for 7 years and teaching for 6. TK's approach to therapeutics focuses on using it as a means for engaging in self work. When leading participants through this practice they are forced to cultivate safe, supportive, compassionate, space in a literal and metaphorical sense. Physiologically for the base the work is lifting the flyer on feet and hands, and for the flyer submitting to the experience and believing the base will keep them safe. Psychologically both parties engage in intimately intentional, but not explicitly sexual touch, cultivating trust and safe supported volentary vulnerability. Last, verbally the dialog between flyer and base offers opportunities for radical expression of needs and boundaries real time. By helping people engage in these types of interactions practitioners are actively becoming more effective and empowered members of their own community.  

TK is based in Venice Beach, CA and in addition to acroyoga teaching, performance, and private lessons, is a bodyworker offering acro-therapeutics and shibari suspension sessions. He also is an avid roller skate dancer, also doing performance and teaching workshops/private lessons .