Workshops & Interactive Experiences

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2023 Workshops & Interactive Experiences

"We are all spiritual beings coping with a human awakening"

Metaphysical Moments & Meditation w/Maggie Wilson | Sunday 10:15am

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Led by best selling author of the Metaphysical Cannabis Oracle Deck with Union Square And Co & Liminal 11. 

Awaken your innate psychic abilities and build an emotional and mental framework to stop limiting beliefs that hold you back. Including an anxiety intensive and how to cope with trauma that comes up at a festival scene. 

A short but intensive metaphysical workshop for bonding, releasing, and holding space for your fellow heart space beings. Guests will learn how to channel energy to and from each other with simple reiki principles and channeling practices. Couples and best friends are encouraged to attend.

An inclusive space for all bodies. A trans and non binary safe space for healing and bodywork with each other.

Flying into Bliss | Acroyoga Therapeutics All-Levels w/ Taylor Kane | Friday 3:15pm

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This workshop will focus on three fundamental AcroYoga massage skills and variations on them giving deeper stretches, more intimate connections and plenty of fun!

Movement Medicine & Twerkshop w/ Leighana Martindale | Friday 4:30pm

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Movement is medicine and that includes twerking! This twerkshop will go over the basic movements of how to twerk as well as the power that this movement has. Trauma is held within our hips and our root chakra, during this class we will shake it out and receive reiki so we may fully embody our radiance.

Conscious Dating | Attachment Theory w/ Guy Amick | Friday 2pm

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Learn the basic tenets of psychodynamic-based attachment theory, so you can get free from your old dating habits. Identify your attachment styles and integrate this awareness into your relationships. Break the cycle of rollercoaster flash-in-the-pan romances, and consciously lean into yourself and your intimate partner(s).

Introduction to Hula Hooping w/Tyler Brindley | Friday 12:45pm

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Let’s pick up circles and spin together!

Learn the basics of hula hooping! Being a beginner is the first step for mastering any new skill! Have you always wondered about the magic of hula hooping? Learn fundamental tricks and combine the moves into a hoop dance flow. Hoops will be provided.

Moving Deep Yoga w/ Karissa Anderson | Saturday 3:15pm

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MOVING DEEP is an ever-evolving primal movement practice that has been curated through gathering wisdom from a collective of teachers and masters worldwide. This non-traditional yogic practice invites you to listen to your own intuitive nature, explore sensuality, self-love, self-massage, and allow what feels good to the body to guide the experience.

Heart Opening Breathwork w/Shane Cole | Sunday 4:30pm

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In this workshop, Shane will show you how to access the ocean of your heart and the depths of your subconscious with the power of your breath. Shane is a certified, trauma-informed breathwork facilitator trained by Owaken Breathwork. With an expert understanding of breathwork, trauma, and how they interrelate, he will facilitate a journey that will help release trauma, clear emotional blockages, and leave you feeling ecstatic for the festival!

Say Y.E.S. to Your Highest Self | Yoga & Ecstatic Dance w/ Alex Ohm Homie | Sunday 11:30am

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A guided experience combining yoga flow, ecstatic dance and sound meditation. We invite you to dive into the present moment through movement, community and sound. Bring your yoga mats and join us in a judgment free zone. No experience needed.

Modern Reiki Receiving Ceremony w/ Danielle Nicole | Saturday 2pm

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Experience the ancient healing technique of Reiki with a modern twist. Channel your body's energy to promote healing and well-being. Through guided sessions, you'll tap into universal life energy, finding balance and rejuvenation both physically and emotionally.

Acoustic Vinyasa w/ Michael Bonner | Sunday 3:15pm

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Slow flow vinyasa alongside beautiful live acoustic music by the beach to wind down your Sunday for a moment before the night starts.

Heaven Meets Earth: A Yoga, Meditation and Breathwork Experience w/ John Jay Verhagen | Friday 11:30am

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A meditation, Breathwork and Yoga experience! The Buddhist understanding of Heaven and Earthly energy, and our role as humans in linking the two, will be our inspiration for this workshop. Through meditation, we will invoke the visualization and manifestation powers of Heavenly energy. Yoga will provide the opportunity to put forth the effort and work, representing the Earth energy, in order to actualize our Heavenly goals. We will finish with a Breathwork method to illuminate and heal past traumas that might be limiting our full potential, while helping to balance the Heavenly and Earth energies within.

Wild Vitality | Movement, Yoga & Self-Care w/ Jen Booker | Saturday 9am

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Wild vitality: entering the heart of Oneness through primal movement, yoga and self care.

SUP Yoga | Times Listed Below

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Experience the serenity of the lake like never before in our Stand Up Paddleboarding Workshop. Perfect for both beginners and seasoned paddlers, this workshop introduces the fundamentals of paddleboarding, from balance techniques to efficient paddling strokes.

Friday 10:30am

Saturday 9 am | 10:30am | 5:30pm

Sunday 10:30am

Ecstatic Kundalini w/ Todd Bendell | Saturday 10:15am

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Ecstatic Kundalini is an eccentric breath adventure that encourages everyone to explore their unique gifts as an individual. We pull techniques from training in kundalini, breathwork and dance to stimulate energy flow and liberate the nadis. The sequence will consist of meridian tapping for connection and pranayama to invigorate our vessel from the inside. To close, our group will drop in to the pranic heart kriya. Get ready to embody love through breath, movement, heart coherence and play!

Wolf Spirit Flow w/ Elyssa Swann | Saturday 11:30am

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Call in and howl at the full moon as you awaken the Wolf Spirit within you with Wolf & Lion creator Elyssa Swann. She'll guide you through a continuous vinyasa flow focusing on the magical attributes of the wolf. Wolf spirit brings the intensity of passion in your everyday endeavors. It's an invitation to look at what supports your authentic self and the true expression of yourself. The spirit of the wolf guides you to trust your instincts and to live life powerfully. The full moon in September represents having healthy relationships while still being able to honor your authenticity - what better place to call in this energy than with your friends at SSBD, while moving your body during this energizing flow!

Tune Into The Moment w/ Sound Bath Alchemy | Saturday 12:45pm

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Submerge yourself in the therapeutic sounds of gongs, bowls, and chimes. A rejuvenating session that resonates with every cell in your body, this sound bath aims to reduce stress, induce deep relaxation, and promote healing. Close your eyes and let the sounds carry you to a place of serenity.

Vinyasa Feel Groovy Flow w/Lis Viegas | Friday 9am

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Vinyasa yoga to get you stretched and opened up for a weekend of connection. All levels welcome as this class is intended to stretch out those dancing muscles and keep you moving throughout the weekend.

Play Through It [Improv] w/ Masha Ioffe | Sunday 1pm

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Unleash your creativity in this interactive improvisation workshop. No script, no boundaries, just pure expression. Dive into spontaneous storytelling, character creation, and scene-building, all while developing your improvisational skills and boosting confidence.

Festival Self-Care | Herbalism & Conscious Celebration w/Sabella Lichtman | Friday 10:15am

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Join us for a heart-opening cacao ceremony. Experience the spiritual and therapeutic benefits of raw cacao in a sacred setting. Guided rituals will help you connect with the plant's spirit, unlock emotional blockages, and awaken your heart's true desires.

BreathTWERK w/Sarah Lane | Saturday 4:30pm

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BreathTwerk is a breathwork + dance experience designed to awaken your primal, wild, Shakti energy and claim your body sovereignty. Your journey begins with a guided 3-part Conscious Connected breathwork technique to get out of your head and into your body. After breathing, we’ll move into yoga-inspired floor movements followed by dance, twerking, primal embodiment, vocal toning, and more. Uncage your wild, awaken your sexual sovereignty and transmute density in this safe container for transformation and emotional alchemy.

Contact Dance for Authentic Expression w/ Matthew Leslie | Sunday 2pm

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Immerse yourself in a transformative and invigorating Contact Dance workshop, aimed at empowering individuals to discover their own authentic expression in connection with one another, both together and separately. This intuitive dance experience will enhance your body awareness, deepen communication, and foster meaningful connections with others.