How We Celebrate

The 12 Community Principles

Dance, Play And Be Yourself

This is a space to be completely and fearlessly yourself. We don't take ourselves too seriously, have fun and step out of your comfort zone!

The Dancefloor

Everybody want to be close to the action but remember to move carefully & calmly through crowds. Never push through people. If you want to be in the front for a set, your best option is to arrive early.

Help With Harm Reduction

Remember the Golden Rule... “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Offer support to those in need. If somebody looks lost or unwell, ask them how they are. If needed, help them find medical or security staff.

Explore New Music Genres

We think it's important for all of us to listen to new ideas and new concepts with an open mind. Try checking out some new music you never thought you'd like and see where it takes you!

Take Care Of Yourself

Listen to your body! Connect with your body. Drink water, take breaks, get sleep, be present, and know your limits. The future of this event depends on you!

Respect People's Boundaries and Bodies

Personal Space is real. Keep your hands to yourself unless given clear verbal consent. Never assume & always listen. Compliment kindly not crudely. Approach every person respectfully.

Take Responsibility For Your Actions and Words

What you say, the costumes you wear, and the things you do can impact those around you. Check yourself regularly, educate yourself, be open to constructive feedback, and when in doubt ask.

Actively Participate In The Experience

We stay off the sidelines, exploring the possibilities of being the best versions of ourselves. Put down the phone! Maybe this is the disconnect you need. Turn it off, leave it at camp, let it go. Instagram will still be there when you get back.

Lead By Example

Kind acts are contagious! Pick up some trash and watch the person next to you do the same. See how many kind acts you can spread.

Share Your Creativity

We're built on our community's creative spirit. Create, take a painting class, or explore participatory art. Just don’t deface or damage someone else’s art! Create with respect.

Respect The Land

We have gratitude for the land and community where SSBD is held. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and make a positive impact as part of the community. Please respect native plant and wildlife in the park.

Pack It In, Pack It Out

Manage your camp trash, take all your camping gear home, and leave your space better than it was when you got there.