Live Painters & Art Exhibits

We have not selected 2023 live painters or art exhibits yet, but please take a look at what we did in 2022 so you know more about who and what to expect

Live painters and art exhibits

Sunday art walk

A featured array of artist works, playful designs from festival-goers, collaborative pieces, prints for sale and more will be available during Sunday's Art Walk

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Jordin David 

I am a fine art figurative painter and muralist. My art is not only a reflection of my inspirations, but also a personal map for navigating past trauma and understanding my present reality. Currently, my focus is to challenge my use of mediums and expand my reach of emotions. I’m tired of painting pretty things; I want to create art that makes you feel something.

Seth McMahon 

Seth McMahon is a soulful engineer of imagery. His art is a kung fu dance on canvas, an expression of flow, and a vehicle to new worlds of the imaginary mind. Seth developed his style painting in the studio, in nightclubs, and on the streets. One painting after another, he continues to challenge himself to learn more, pushing to become one of the great masters of our time. 

Joe Mallory

Inspired by the surreal and psychedelic nature of reality, Joe's artwork spans from impressionistic landscapes to free-flowing etheric abstracts. His art aims to inspire the idea that everything is connected and alive.

Lizzy Lubitsky

The Lady Egg was raised on Windows 95 and LEGOS. Her paintings incorporate nostalgic imagery, internet culture and familiar objects reimagined from wild perspectives. After studying Sculpture at Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, The Lady Egg attended several artist residency programs. Today, she operates out of an art studio in downtown Phoenix, AZ. In addition to works on canvas, she paints murals and creates interactive sculptures.

Melanie Atesalp

Melanie Sojourner-Truth Atesalp aka Sojourner, is an Artist/Muralist/Gallery owner based in San Diego. She paints and is a representative of surrealism, metaphorical realism, dream-scapes, and organic symmetry. Sojourner gains much of her artistic inspiration from dreams, poetry, mythology, solace in nature, and her extensive international travels. Drawing from the bank of personal experience to render her imaginative musings. You will find many of her layered concepts riveting with humor, metaphor, introspection, anthropomorphism, and character.

Ashley McGeachy

Ashley McGeachy is a visionary artist whose work dances between different realms, weaving mystical images of spiritual experiences. She began painting four years ago, and has since poured her creative channel into many different outlets, such as writing, light language, and song.

Matthew Flood

“Little adventures to other dimensions and places with strange and familiar faces.”

Isabella Samaniego

Jesse Brown 

Mike McPuff

Mike McPuff is a muralist and painter based in Fort Collins, Colorado. McPuff creates colorful imagery, with an emphasis on the strange and whimsical things in life. He typically paints with spray paint or acrylic paint, often filling in his colors with polka dots.