Festival Info


The Festival is held at Perris Beach located inside Lake Perris State Park 

17801 Lake Perris Dr
Perris, CA 92571

When you arrive you must use the WEST ENTRANCE, the north entrance will be closed, and you will be asked to turn around and go back. To ensure you’re arriving at the right gate use this link for your directions


  • LA: 1.5 HOURS

Gates & Arrival 

Enter through the West gate (via Lake Perris Drive).  Bring your tickets printed or on your mobile device, you’ll need a parking pass in order to park at SSBD Fest. The parking pass will cost more at the gate so save some $$ and purchase this in advance.

To ensure you’re arriving at the right gate use this link for your directions

Gate Hours:

  • Thursday: 3pm - 11pm
  • Friday: 10am - 11pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 11pm


Camping is included with every GA Pass.  Camping out as a collective along the beach is an amazing aspect of the SSBD magic! As long as an area isn't marked with a "no camping" sign it's fair game to set up your tent. Please keep your tent area small and be respectful so we can fit everybody in!

If you’re looking for a car-camping experience or to be closer to your car you must purchase an Up-Front Parking Pass, this will allow you to park in the parking lots that are next to the camping areas and you’ll be able to set up your tent very close to your vehicle.


We offer two parking options at the festival.  Up-front Parking allows you to park right next to the camping areas, and festival entrance.  These passes sell out, so make sure to get yours before they do!  Slightly Remote Parking allows you to park within a 5-10 minute walk from the festival area.  Large Vehicle Parking is for vehicles 20+ feet, no electric hookups are available for RVs.

We highly encourage car-pooling to the festival if you're able to. You can take an Uber / Lyft to the festival, if you’re taking an Uber / Lyft to the festival they will be directed to the dedicated Ride Share drop off and pick up lot located west of the GA camping. Please note that the West Gate is closed after 11pm and your driver will need to enter at the North Gate late night and will need to follow signs to find the Ride Share lot.


We are taking the spread of COVID-19 very seriously and have plans in place to help prevent thspread.

We're not entirely sure what the world will look like in September 2021. In order to ensure safety we are limiting our crowd to 50% occupancy from what we originally planned. Because this is a low number we will set up a waitlist if you're unable to purchase tickets. If guidelines change and we deem we can safely raise those numbers we may make more tickets available, those on the waitlist will have the first opportunity to purchase. 

We will release a full COVID-safety plan as we are closer to the event.

Why the name Same Same But Different?

We all have our differences, we look different, think different and hold different beliefs. Right now it's far too easy to focus on those differences and distance ourselves from others. Rather than immediately dimissing people we don't agree with, we should strive to understand who they are as a person and respect that we're different. We can only do that when we LISTEN to eachother and learn about our experiences so we can understand each other.

To emphasize the point we book a lot of different genres of music on alternating stages to bring people out of their normal musical comfort zones so they experience all sorts of new music. If you can get into a genre you thought you hated, maybe we can also find common ground with different ideas and beliefs than our own. 


Festival Amenities


Food Vendors

Box Office

First Aid Tent


All Food / Bar Accepts Credit Cards

Glamping Area

General Store

Backstage Lounge

Water Refill Stations

Vendor Village

Rideshare Pickup


Code of Conduct

Pack It In / Pack It Out

Manage your camp trash, take all your camping gear home, and leave your space better than it was when you got there.

Waiting In Line

Waiting is a part of any festival experience. Stay positive, follow instructions & remember we’re all in this together.

Harm Reduction

Remember the Golden Rule... “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Offer support to those in need. If somebody looks lost or unwell, ask them how they are. If needed, help them find medical or security staff.

The Dancefloor

Everybody want to be close to the action, but remember to move carefully & calmly through crowds. Never push through people. If you want to be in the front for a set, your best option is to arrive early.

Respect The Local Community

Drive the speed limit. Don’t leave trash or anything by the roadside. Be friendly and courteous to everyone you meet in or out of the festival. Thank them for hosting the festival in their community. We all appreciate it!

The Campgrounds

Share space, respect your neighbors, keep a clean camp! Camping for 2020 will all be on the sand or near the beach. Prepare to camp on dirt or sand. Bring blankets, tarps or rugs to create a clean floor!

Actively Participate

We all take an active role in creating the SSBD experience for everyone. We stay off the sidelines (and our phones!), exploring the possibilities of being the best versions of ourselves. Put down the phone! Maybe this is the disconnect you need. Turn it off, leave it at camp, let it go. Instagram will still be there when you get back.

Respect The Land

We have gratitude for the land and community where SSBD is held. We strive to leave the land better than we found it and make a positive impact as part of the community. Please don’t destroy plantlife and don’t unnecessarily disturb the wildlife at the park. We want to leave the park in pristine shape for others to enjoy.

Keep The Water Clean and Safe

Remember, swimming is at your own risk...know your limits. Absolutely no bath products in the water. Swim in designated areas only and bring a buddy. Do not abandon your floaties!

Share Your Creativity

Create, take a drawing class, or explore participatory art. There's no need to deface or damage someone else’s art! Respect art, and art will respect you back :)

Respect People’s Bodies & Boundaries

Personal Space is real. Keep your hands to yourself unless given clear verbal consent. Never assume & always listen. Compliment kindly not crudely. Approach every person respectfully.

Take Care Of Yourself and Be Smart

Listen to your body! Drink water, take breaks, get sleep, be present, and know your limits. The future of this event depends on you!

Take Responsibility For Your Actions and Words

What you say, the costumes you wear, and the things you do can impact those around you. Check yourself regularly, educate yourself, be open to constructive feedback, and when in doubt ask.

Lead By Example

Kind acts are contagious! Pick up some trash and watch the person next to you do the same. See how many kind acts you can create.

Where to go for assistance

Park Rangers

They’ll be in full uniform and they’re here to help. If you need them don’t be afraid to ask them for assistance.

Festival Staff

Ask anybody working with the festival if you need help and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction.


They’re here to keep the peace and will be marked in uniforms at all exits / entrances

Medical Tent

EMTs are located right next to the festival entrance.

Pack like a Pro

  • expand_moreTHE ESSENTIALS

    Gov Issued ID
    Earplugs for safety and sleep

    Face Mask(s) For Health / Protection

    Headlamp or Flashlight (plus a set of backup batteries)

    Refillable Water Bottle
    Heavy Duty Trash Bags

    Sturdy, Reliable Footwear + extra socks & bandaids


    Bug Spray


  • expand_moreHEALTH

    First Aid Kit Blisters, scrapes, & scratches are common festival boo-boos. Save yourself the trek to the medic tent for a band-aid and pack your own. You never know!
    You’re not invincible ya know. Don’t forget the aloe in case you get burned.
    Lip Balm
    Don’t skimp on the sun protection.

    Toiletries Don’t leave behind the toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine products, towel, and extra toilet paper never hurts.
    Baby wipes
    These little guys make for quick cleaning when you don’t have me to shower (just don’t put them in the porta-potties please!). Hand soap/sanitizer At some point, you’ll need it.

    Sunglasses Pro Tip – bring an extra pair!
    Vision Care
    Extra glasses, contact lenses and/or eye drops
    Vitamins & Meds
    Allergy medication, stomach or digestion aids, vitamins for rejuvenation and your prescription medication permited with a prescription. 

  • expand_moreCLOTHES

    Layering Garments: Bring cool clothes for the day and warm clothes for the night. Plan for highs in the 90’s in the day, with lows in the 60’s at night. Scarves, lightweight sweaters, beanies, cloves, tall socks.
    Hats and headwear:
    Say no to naked noggins.

    Scarves and bandanas: Wet these and toss ’em in the cooler for a refreshing treat.

    Bathing Suit: Bring the right attire to take a dip and cool off in the lake.

    Self Expression Through Style: Be you and do what you do with your bad self…we can’t wait to see what ya got! 

  • expand_moreCAMP NECESSITIES

    Sleeping Supplies: An Air Mattress, futon, or other so surfaces for comfy sleep including pillows and warm blankets to bundle up at night.
    Tent Lock: The isn’t a frequent occurrence throughout the campsites, but it does happen. If you’re bringing valuables like your computer, portable speakers or expensive camp equipment, be smart and keep it out of plain sight or tucked away in your tent when you’re not at your camp. If you’re feeling extra cautious pick up a tent lock.

    Chairs: inflatable or fold-out chairs save a lot of space!
    Extra Blankets: The SSBD nights can be cold. Pack an extra blanket just in case your sleeping bag isn’t cu ng it.
    Heavy Duty Stakes, Hammer or Sandbags: The winds can get pre y strong and unfastened tents and EZ ups have been known to take ight! Stake down your stu for your safety and your neighbors safety!
    Camera: Don’t forget to label it with your name and contact info. Disposable cameras are a great way to document the fun while escaping your phone!
    Camping Things: Gloves, tape, rope, zip es, bungee cords, tarps, safety pins, etc... for your camp.
    Towels: For the lake and showers

  • expand_moreFOOD / KITCHEN

    Cooler: We will have ice for sale!
    Water bottle or a Canteen:
    We’ll have water refill stations to stay hydrated. Pro Tip – pack an extra!

    Sink Things: Reusable cups, plates, and utensils will make meals green and easy. Trash/recycling bags: Help us keep SSBD and Lake Perris beautiful!
    Easily overlooked but important then it’s chow me.
    Propane powered stove:
    No open fires please!
    Bring your favorite foods or your wallet to get eats from our delish food vendors. 


    Illegal Drugs/Substances

    Weapons of Any Kind!
    Coolers inside Festival Grounds

    Glass Bottles (don’t bring glass to the beach)

    Containers in Festival Grounds

    Fishing Gear

    Fireworks, Fire Tools

    Propane Lanterns

    Charcoal Grills
    Portable Gas-Powered Generators

    Sound Systems 


  • expand_moreWhat about kids, is this all ages?

    Yes you can, this is an all-ages festival. Anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • expand_moreMarijuana is legal now, can I bring it to SSBD Fest?

    Nope, Same Same But Different takes place in a State Park, and marijuana is still not allowed.

  • expand_moreWhat are my parking options at the festival?

    "Up-front" parking will be right next to the camping / festival area and "Slightly Remote Parking" will be about a 5-10 minute walk from the festival and the camping area. All attendees that would like to park a vehicle at Lake Perris must have a parking pass

  • expand_moreHow do you ensure my safety?

    You safety is one of our largest concerns. We work closely with our peace-keeping security teams as well as law-enforcement to ensure this with detailed plans in the event of an incident. Additionally we have an ALS certified ambulance on-site in the case of a medical emergency.

  • expand_moreIs my ticket refundable or transferable?

    All ticket sales are final rain or shine. You may transfer your tickets to a different name if you need to by logging into your account and updating your tickets. Follow these instructions for more information.

  • expand_moreAre you accepting volunteers, workers, stage help, promoters, etc. for the festival?

    Yes, we are interested in any help you can give! Please fill out our submission form and we will be in contact.

  • expand_moreWill I be able to find security if I need them?

    Yes, they'll be wearing security uniforms and available 24/7 during the festival. Please seek their help if you need it.

  • expand_moreWill there be food and alcohol for sale?

    Yes, there will be food for sale and a full bar inside the festival. We will have vegetarian and vegan options. Guests must be 21+ to purchase alcohol.

  • expand_moreWill there be medical staff on site?

    Yes if you need medical assistance for any reason we'll have a medical tent as well as an ambulance on site. 

  • expand_moreCan I bring my animal friends with me?

    Unless you have a licensed service animal they are not allowed on the festival property or campgrounds.

  • expand_moreCan I paint or do other art at SSBD Fest?

    Yes, we encourage all types of art including painting...it's a pretty chill activity. if you would to be an official SSBD live painter, and have the opportunity to sell your art at the festival, please fill out our official artist submission form with information and links to your art.

  • expand_moreWill there be shade at the festival or areas to cool off?

    The area and campgrounds have a lot of trees and shade areas around them but it does get hot. We recommend bringing EZ-Ups & extra shade. If you get too hot we have a giant lake you can jump in and use to cool off...we suggest you use it!

  • expand_moreWhen does the box office and gates open for arrival?

    Gates will open Thursday at 3pm for arrival. Gate times will be: Thursday: 3pm - 11pm Friday: 11am - 11pm Saturday: 11am - 11pm

  • expand_moreWhat should I bring to the festival?

    If you're camping, bring all your camping gear for the weekend in with you. Tents, blankets, sun-tan lotion, sleeping bag, towels, toothbrush, food & clothes are a good starting point! Make sure you bring this ticket, either printed out or on your phone so it can be scanned along with your ID. If you're over 21 you must present ID to purchase alcohol at the festival. That being said, try to also only bring what you need. We want to keep our footprint as low as possible so we encourage all festival attendees to bring out anything you bring in. We all want to do our part to keep our beautiful campgrounds clean.

  • expand_moreWhat can I not bring to the festival?

    Too much stuff so that you can't take it out with you. Don't bring excess packaging either, if you buy something new for the festival please take it out of the package at home. Large amplified sound systems, generators, sky lanterns/kites, fireworks, and wax flares will not be allowed into Lake Perris. Cameras for personal use are welcome, but no professional video/recording equipment is allowed or tape recorders without prior authorization. Flying or filming with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs, or so-called drones) is not allowed on site before, during or after the Festival – and is prohibited by law. No illegal drugs, no weapons, no questions. We have a working site and the safety of our audience, crew and staff is paramount. All vehicles and persons that enter the park are subject to search for prohibited items to ensure the safety of our guests.

  • expand_moreIs there car-camping at the festival?

    In order to camp right next to your car in the main camping area you will need to purchase an "Upfront Parking" pass. These passes allow you to park in lots right next to the GA campgrounds. It does not gaurantee you'll be able to camp next to your car and the spots are subject to availability but it is the closest spots to the camping area you'll be able to park in.

  • expand_moreCan I bring my boat?

    Yes! You can bring your boat. There will be one ramp open. Boating will be controlled by the park, and it's rangers - you will be subject to the same boating rules that the park enforces for all boats that enter. Please read the boating FAQ before considering bringing a boat. For more information on boating click here.

  • expand_moreAm able to leave the festival and come back in?

    Yes leave your camping pass on your car and your wristbands on, you will be able to come and go from the park as you need.

  • expand_moreCan we sell or vend out in the festival campgrounds?

    Only official vendors will be allowed to sell merchandise at the festival. If you attempt to sell anything without approval from the festival organizers, all items will be considered surrendered and not returned. If you would like to apply to become an official vendor you may do so on our “get involved” page.

  • expand_moreAre there ADA facilities?

    The park is ADA friendly. It includes wheelchair accessible restrooms and showers. The festival itself is wheelchair accessible, and will take place on grass. There are some ADA campsites available - please email info@ssbdfest.com to inquire further.

  • expand_moreCan I arrive early to the festival?

    Our gate times are strict. If you arrive early you’re going to be sitting around for awhile. If you would like to camp inside the state park and you arrive early you may contact the state park to reserve camping spots.

  • expand_moreHow does it work with RV rentals and RVs?

    We will not have RV rentals this year however we do have a preferred RV rental company you can contact to rent an RV. They will be able to set up an RV for you in the state park’s RV camping lot, which is about 1-1.5 miles from the festival site. If you’re okay with the walk you can contact First Class RV Rental and inquire about Same Same But Different festival rates.

    If you have your own RV and would like to park on site at the festival you will be required to purchase a large vehicle pass. We do not have spots with hookups for your RV however so please be aware that you will be responsible for your own power and dumping.

  • expand_moreCan we bring alcohol into the venue?

    You can bring alcohol into the camping areas, you must be 21 to consume alcohol. No kegs. No outside alcohol will be allowed in the festival grounds - alcohol will be sold inside the festival grounds. Alcohol is limited to 1 case of beer OR 1 box of wine OR 1 plastic alcohol bottle per car.

  • expand_moreWhat's the weather going to be like?

    Lake Perris averages in the mid 90's during the day and gets down to the low 60's at night. Please plan accordingly.

  • expand_moreWill there be water refill areas?

    Yes we have drinking fountains as well as water taps in the campgrounds and festival area.

  • expand_moreWhen does the music start and stop each night?

    Music will begin Thursday around sunset in the Coconut Club, the Thursday night party will run until approximately 4am. Music will run on both Friday and Saturday from 11am until 4am that night. Don’t pick a spot by a stage if you want to get quiet sleep at night :)

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