We're looking for motivated people to help us spread the word about Same Same But Different Festival. 

If you think you can help us do this and really get a lot of people excited about the festival it's pretty simple, we'll pay you for every ticket that is purchased through your unique link. It's all tracked in our system and you can log in and check your sales any time. 

Please note, you will not be compensated unless more than five tickets have been purchased through your link. All compensation for the first five tickets sold through your link will count for you after your sixth ticket is sold. 

So for some payout examples:

Sell 3 tickets : payout = $0

Sell 5 tickets : payout = $0

Sell 6 tickets : payout = 10% of all 6 tickets

Sell 10 tickets : payout = 10% of all 10 tickets

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