A Two-Stage Approach




A lot of people have asked us why we chose to set up our festival with two stages, rotating back and forth, with music going on only one stage at a time. Many have asked, understandably, why we don't want to have music going on both stages at the same time like many other festivals. 

Having multiple stages running at the same time is a staple for most festivals. It provides a good way to divide the music by genres and allows you to pack more artists into a two or three-day weekend. If you know you love EDM you can go hang out with the DJs all day and dance, if you're more into rock you know the stage with the bands is the place for you. 

We have a bit of a different take on it all. We love the idea of multiple genres in a festival, but we thought to ourselves, "why do we have to split it all up?". We think anybody can get into any genre of music if they're open to it and experience it in the right environment. 

So rather than dividing with the music, we're uniting. Two stages will be the main festival focus and the music will rotate from one stage to the other. By carefully curating a solid lineup, the experience will feel flawless, and although you might hear some relaxed folk music on the stage during the day, by night, the party will be going and the bass will be thumping. 

The whole idea is to take people into new explorations through genres and artists you may have never listened to, but we know you'll love. No need to worry about which stage you're going to be at when, just follow the music and enjoy the show.