On-Site Luxury RV Rentals

SSBD Fest On-Site RV Rentals


We heard from lots of people that they wanted a different way to stay on the property at SSBD Fest that wasn't just camping in a tent. Some just didn't enjoy camping but still wanted to be on-site, others were traveling from other parts of the country and didn't want to buy a tent/supplies just to throw it all away right after. Whatever the reason, if this is you we got you covered...

living room.jpg

Picture this...you show up on Saturday to the festival. Rather than hauling your stuff from your car and setting up your campsite, you're led to your RV site which is already there waiting for you. The site is just a short walk from the festival grounds and the RV already has electricity and water set up. Parking next to the RV, you pull out your bag and enter. What you see before you is a full kitchen, fridge, sink and living room area next to it. You're feeling a little hot so you turn on the air-conditioning and make your way to one of the bedrooms, on your way you see a full bathroom with working shower. Your crew makes their way to their separate beds, you put down your bags, change for the day, put some food/drinks in the fridge and get ready for an amazing weekend ahead of you. 


Depending on how many people you need to have in the RV we have two packages "Taking It Easy" and the "Living Large" package. These aren't for everybody but they are an amazing way to have a blast at the festival and take a quick stroll back to a comfy bed every night. By renting an RV you'll have access to a technician on-site if you have issues, kitchen utensils, sheets/pillows, toilet paper and more. 

The best part, when the festival is over and it's time to say goodbye you just grab your gear from the RV, pack it up in your car and take off...the rest is taken care of.

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