SSBD Fest On-Site RV Rentals

SSBD Fest On-Site RV Rentals

Picture show up on Saturday to the festival. Rather than hauling your stuff from your car and setting up your campsite, you're led to your RV site which is already there waiting for you. The site is just a short walk from the festival grounds, you park your car, unload you bags and go inside your new weekend home.


A cool breeze greets you from the RV’s Air Conditioning as soon as you walk in. You check out the place…sink, fridge, couches, TV, sitting areas, stove, microwave, bathrooms, running water, showers, outlets to plug in your phones and other electronics plus a nice big comfy bed to get a little shut eye at night.

living room.jpg

Our RV packages are kind of the way to go and at around $150 per person for the weekend it’s not going to break the bank. Select either a 4 person, 6 person or 8 person option depending on how many are coming with you.

The best part, when the festival is over and it's time to say goodbye you just grab your gear from the RV, pack it up in your car and take off...the rest is taken care of by us for you.

For more info and to reserve yours for the weekend click here