Same Same But Different Festival is founded on 6 core principles. We strive to follow these principles and encourage all of our attendees to embrace these – we attribute our unique culture of inclusion, diversity, playfulness and acceptance to these principles.   


Respect and Embrace Our Differences 

Everybody is different and has reasons for feeling, thinking and living the way they do. Listen to them, learn who they are and why they believe what they do. Respect who they are. 



Explore New Genres of Music 

Music has a magnetic energy with powers beyond our full understanding. Each genre has a purpose and place, embrace the different with an open mind.  



Dance, Play and Be Silly  

We're not a group that takes ourselves too seriously…have fun and be fearlessly yourself. 


Give more than you get. 

Help others and see how the universe rewards you. Your life will become better by making other's lives better. 


Strive to leave all you touch better than it was when you found it. 

This starts with our festival grounds, clean up after yourself and think ahead so you're not bringing extra waste to the property. Extend this out into the world, let your footprint be one that brings goodness to all it walks upon. People, nature, family, friends and of course our community! 

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Explore and be free

We don’t think a festival is a place to be confined. Create your own journey and forge your own way.

Dance on the beach, climb the mountains, swim, explore and find what Same Same But Different means to you.